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Dragonball Super Heroes

The newest instalment of this long standing franchise – Dragon Ball Super – is finally here! All of the Saiyan family and friends are here for a whole new adventure! With new villains, heroes and worlds, Dragon Ball Super is simply superb and one of the best in this long standing manga saga.

The end is forever near in a world where man-eating titans rule and roam. A former soldier and hero of his people has seemingly betrayed those closest to him, and is now creating devastation on a scale unlike any that has ever been seen before. Attack on Titan is a compelling, thrilling and absolutely terrifying manga.

Attack on Titan Volume 32 Cover
Vinland Saga logo

Travel back in time to the era of the vikings with this action packed manga that sparked a hit anime series. Follow the story of a young boy named Thorfinn into a world unlike any other.

Armin Asta Battle Black Bulls Blood Demon Art Chrome Connie Demons Demon Slayer Corps Devil Einar Eren Yeager Gen Asagiri Ginro Goku Hashira Inosuke Jean Kaseki Kinro Kohaku Levi Magic Knights Magma Martial Arts Mikasa Mimosa Nezuko Noelle Norse Reiner Ryusui Nanami Science Senku Ishigami Suika Tactics Taiju Oki Tanjiro The Survey Corps Thorfinn Vegeta War Yami Yuno Zenitsu