Day: 24 January 2023

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Black Clover Ch. 338 – Trouble On A Foreign Road

If ya wanna get stronger, have the Ryuzen Seven train ya!

Black Clover Ch. 337 – Whereabouts

There’s no way Asta’s dead! Then it’s unanimous. Let’s go find that moron.

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Black Clover 336 – The Final Enemy

The Wizard King. Who’d have figured. One body, two personalities…so it’s like what happened with the elves, huh?

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Black Clover Ch. 335 – Severance

I’m sorry, Asta. But your death is sure to bring true peace and happiness to the world.

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Black Clover Ch. 334 – Fragile Soul

What a fragile soul. You’ll never defeat me that way.

Black Clover Ch. 333 – The World’s Saviour And Its Flaw

To prevent any further mistakes, I will rule over everything as the final Wizard King.