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Bleach No Breathes From Hell

Bleach Ch. 687 – No Breathes From Hell

It’s futile…even if you squash that bug, I’ve deployed others that will take its place…

Ichigo and Inoue - Bleach

Bleach Ch. 686 – Death and Strawberry

Don’t underestimate the secret police’s intelligence network.
The fact that you’re here must mean the information is accurate.

Ichigo Kurosaki Bleach

Bleach Ch. 684 – The Blade

I released Kyoka Suigetsu before you all arrived here and I was convinced I could interfere with his vision of the future with my Kyoka Suigetsu.

Bleach Ch. 685

Bleach Ch. 685 – The End of Flawlessness

Well the fact that he hasn’t had to use it for ten years is a good thing. It means that for ten years we’ve maintained peace.

Yhwach - Bleach

Bleach Ch. 683 – The Dark Side of Two World Ends

You did well reading the situation and instantly shifting to fight alongside Sosuke Aizen. But not even Kyoka Suigetsu is a match against my power.

Aizen in Chair - Bleach

Bleach Ch. 682 – The Two Sided World End

For decades Rukia and I had drifted so far apart we wouldn’t even pass by each other. It was you who closed that distance between us.

Rukia and Renji Bleach

Bleach Ch. 681 – The End Two World

Ginjo wants me to be on your side. It wasn’t my idea…
You idiot I didn’t say be on his side. I told you to repay your debt to him.

Bleach Ch. 680 – The End II

So you have no intention of forsaking anything, even though you were accepted by his majesty. Then at least forsake your life!

Bleach Ch. 679 – The End

The almighty is not the power to see the future. It is the power to alter the future.

Ichigo One Horn Bleach

Bleach Ch. 677 – Horn of Salvation II

A fusion of Getsuga Tensho and Gran Rey Cero. A fitting power for one born from a fusion of so many things.