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Vinland Saga Ch. 175 – Sailing For The West IX

This is amazing. Way bigger than I thought. There are 5 of those huge ships. It’s going to go well, this pioneering business.

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Vinland Saga Ch. 170 – Sailing For The West IV

Please tell me Cordelia’s price, Halfdan. For you to release her, what would it take?

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Vinland Saga Ch. 169 – Sailing For The West III

Thorfinn! You have to take Cordelia to Vinland with you! You absolutely cannot givev her back to Halfdan!

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Vinland Saga Ch. 168 – Sailing For The West II

I had no trouble communicating with people up until Kiev, but once you head further south, it becomes much harder.

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Vinland Saga Ch. 166 – Wedding

They made so much money on this voyage. When Halfdan takes his cut he is going to be rich!

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Vinland Saga Ch. 162 – Sigurd’s Return

I had no idea that the son of Halfdan was a friend of our Thorfinn!…We are not friends. What? You bride was taken by Thorfinn?!

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Vinland Saga Ch. 101 – The Fettered Tern I

But the hatred, strife the death and destruction. The despair. The regret. The sadness, and the rebirth within his story…left all who heard it speechless.

Vinland Saga Ch. 37 – The Definition of Love

The problem is you’re a great fighter, Thorfinn, but your swordwork is rather hmm…mundane? Is the work I’m looking for.

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Vinland Saga Ch. 20 – Ragnarok

Give up on this revenge nonsense. Do you really think it would make me happy?

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Vinland Saga Ch. 16 – The Death Of Thors

In the name of my ancestor, Artorius I withdraw my men at once.