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Bleach Ch. 665 – Princess Dissection

Your Bankai wasn’t in the info his majesty provided.
It’s my first time using it in front of those who are here right now.

Bleach Ch. 664 – The Gift

If you want something created that nobody’s ever seen before, it should be by your own hand. That’s how scientists are.

Bleach Ch. 663 – God Of Thunder IV

Why?! I should be immune to her spiritual pressure already! There’s no way a Soul Reaper’s spirtual pressure can change! What is going on?!

Bleach Ch. 662 – God Of Thunder III

Phew…Can’t believe I didn’t have to move a step to survive all that. I feel it. I feel myself moving farther away from death.

Bleach Ch. 658 – Fatal Matters Are Cold

You don’t get it, do you? You did that to me already. I’ve acquired immunity to it.

Bleach Ch. 657 – God Of Thunder II

So you’ve recovered enough to get up. That sure was fast. You heard us right? Go on ahead. I’ll catch up.

Bleach Ch. 648 – The Theatre Suicide Scene II

We don’t have information on your Bankai but there is one thing that is obvious. If the wielder of the sword dies, his Bankdai disappears.

Bleach Ch. 635 – Hooded Enigma

Such a cruel power, isn’t it your majesty? To be able to see the future.

Bleach Ch. 630 – The Twinned Twilight

When the night comes and his majesty sleeps, his majesty’s and your powers will be switched.