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Bleach Ch. 685

Bleach Ch. 685 – The End of Flawlessness

Well the fact that he hasn’t had to use it for ten years is a good thing. It means that for ten years we’ve maintained peace.

Yhwach - Bleach

Bleach Ch. 683 – The Dark Side of Two World Ends

You did well reading the situation and instantly shifting to fight alongside Sosuke Aizen. But not even Kyoka Suigetsu is a match against my power.

Ichigo One Horn Bleach

Bleach Ch. 677 – Horn of Salvation II

A fusion of Getsuga Tensho and Gran Rey Cero. A fitting power for one born from a fusion of so many things.

Bleach Ch. 672 – Son of Darkness

I’ve never been compared to a beast before. Makes me sound fearless. I kind of like it.

Hitsugaya Adult

Bleach Ch. 671 – The Perfect Crimson II

I shall crush you with a torrent of power without any supernatural functions!

Kenpachi Bleach

Bleach Ch. 669 – Blade II

A rapid rise in spiritual pressure suggested a Bankai, yet I see no significant change. What a letdown!

Bleach Ch. 668 – Bigger, Faster, Stronger

That guy’s not somebody Zaraki can handle by himself. As proof of that look. Zaraki’s already taken off his eye patch!

Bleach Ch. 665 – Princess Dissection

Your Bankai wasn’t in the info his majesty provided.
It’s my first time using it in front of those who are here right now.

Bleach Ch. 664 – The Gift

If you want something created that nobody’s ever seen before, it should be by your own hand. That’s how scientists are.

Bleach Ch. 649 – The Theatre Suicide Scene III

No matter how many times I flap my wings the surface keeps getting farther away from me.