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Goku Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Super Ch. 87 – The Universe’s Strongest Appears

While you two were having fun on this puny planet I managed to surpass you.

Goku Dragon Ball

Dragonball Super Ch. 84 – A People’s Pride

I feel like I finally understand what Saiyan pride is about.

Granolah Dragon Ball Super

Dragonball Super Ch. 83 – Bardock vs. Gas, Part II

Selfish wishes can only bring about doom and I was about to make a grave mistake.

Goku vs Gas

Dragon Ball Super Ch. 82 – Bardock VS. Gas

Don’t be stupid. You two could never beat that Saiyan.

Granolah Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Ch. 80 – Granolah, Part II

It’s fine. The universe’s strongest warrior should have greater control over his own power than any other.