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Bleach Ch. 634 – Friend IV

Must be annoying to have that newcomer trying to start something with you. Maybe you don’t command enough respect as a leader?

Bleach Ch. 633 – Friend III

Stop that Bazz. Don’t look at me like that. Why aren’t you happy for me?

Bleach Ch. 632 – Friend II

I heard that a long time ago, once in a few decades Quincy’s like him were born. They were weeded out as failures.

Bleach Ch. 631 – Friend

Half a year after I met Jugo, the small castle my clan lived in was burned down.

Bleach Ch. 630 – The Twinned Twilight

When the night comes and his majesty sleeps, his majesty’s and your powers will be switched.

Bleach Ch. 629 – Gate of the Sun

Closing the gate, then reopening it after tilting the axis makes it so easy to go off by yourself even within Reiokyu.They must be flustered, realizing I’m missing right about now…

Bleach Ch. 627 – The Creation

I don’t know who you are, but let me tell you this! We’re about to go into a desperate battle! But you’re gonna just stay here?!

Bleach Ch. 624 – The Fang

Hoping to protect the Soul Society together? No. Everybody just happened to chase after you and ended up going after the enemy you strove to become.

Bleach Ch. 623 – Against The Judgement

A soul reaper’s spiritual pressure springs eternally as long as their heart continues beating. It is impossible to stop that flow without stopping their heart.