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Dr. Stone Ch. 170 – Staring Up At The Same Moon

Do what you will to me. But no matter what methods you employ, I , Matsukaze shall never betray my lord’s friends by revealing their destination!

Dr Stone Ch. 169

Dr. Stone Ch. 169 – Risk Or Heart

Until they bring back Dr. Xeno…Corn City will be a sanctuary where we’ll revive one million people!

Chrome Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Ch. 167 – Different Strokes

Target captured! Did you get that, Senku?! We got the enemy king! Dr. Xeno is in hand!


Dr. Stone Ch. 165 – Know The Rules, Make The Rules

No, I don’t think us Island warrior will go down that easy…since we don’t know your rules!

Ryusui Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Ch. 161 – Craft Wars

Dr. Xeno and his people think that by killing Seknu, they’ve removed the scientific threat. Which means they could show up at any time and demand our surrender.


Dr. Stone Ch. 160 – Torch Of Science

They’re thinking, “With Senku the science leader gone those kids can never hope to match us in battle”.

Dr. Stone Ch. 155 – Science Is Elegant

We’ll extract intel outta Xeno and his people. Cuz in a science battle, the greatest weapon is information!

Dr. Stone Ch. 153 – War Game

Neither side can move its base of operations. Neither side can flee. It’s a science siege that could turn into a…

Dr. Stone Ch. 152 – Doctor vs. Doctor

Heh heh heh… a science-user throwdown?! Now that’s a reason to get excited!

Senku and Tsukasa Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Ch. 141 – First Team

Ten billion percent correct. Cuz I’m too sick of seeing your dumb mug to wanna bring you back otherwise.