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Senku and Xeno Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Ch. 176 – Net Breaking Battle Plan

No matter what trouble he’s in Xeno will be sure to give us some kinda signal. That’s the kind of man he is.


Dr. Stone Ch. 175 – Ultra Race Across South America

With tires this nice, we’ll be off-roading in no time! Just gotta craft the actual vehicles on a tight schedule.

Dr. Stone Ch. 174 – The Specter Of The Panama Canal

We’re splitting up into team rubber trees an team panama canal!

Senku and Xeno Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Ch. 171 – Staring At The Same Light

The two of us should be ale to ascertain latitude and longitude! We’ll discover the origin of this whole mystery!


Dr. Stone Ch. 170 – Staring Up At The Same Moon

Do what you will to me. But no matter what methods you employ, I , Matsukaze shall never betray my lord’s friends by revealing their destination!

Dr Stone Ch. 169

Dr. Stone Ch. 169 – Risk Or Heart

Until they bring back Dr. Xeno…Corn City will be a sanctuary where we’ll revive one million people!

Dr Stone Ch. 166

Dr. Stone Ch. 166 – Ultimate Knight

If I were you, I wouldn’t try anything crazy! But I’m more than happy to go crazy.

Ryusui Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Ch. 164 – Re-Lock On

You have my gratitude Stanley! If you hadn’t backed me into a corner I would’ve gone my whole life without attempting this death defying midair trick!

Dr. Stone Ch. 162

Dr. Stone Ch. 162 – Down The Earth-Stained Path

Moving forward, stained by the earth itself. That’s what diligent progress is.


Dr. Stone Ch. 160 – Torch Of Science

They’re thinking, “With Senku the science leader gone those kids can never hope to match us in battle”.