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Senku and Xeno Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Ch. 176 – Net Breaking Battle Plan

No matter what trouble he’s in Xeno will be sure to give us some kinda signal. That’s the kind of man he is.

Dr. Stone Ch. 174 – The Specter Of The Panama Canal

We’re splitting up into team rubber trees an team panama canal!

Dr. Stone Chrome, Senku, Kohaku

Dr. Stone Ch. 173 – Earth Race

We’re taking a land-based shortcut from the Pacific to the Atlantic! Cutting straight across South America!

Dr. Stone Ch. 168 – Corn City: Population One Million

It’s the new world’s first and last leadership between Japan and the U.S!

Chrome Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Ch. 167 – Different Strokes

Target captured! Did you get that, Senku?! We got the enemy king! Dr. Xeno is in hand!

Tsukasa-Yo-Ukyo-Hyoga Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Ch. 163 – Multi-Front Final Battle

Incredible, Dr. Brody! Truly elegant! our project for the final battle will be put into action the day after tomorrow!

Dr. Stone Ch. 162

Dr. Stone Ch. 162 – Down The Earth-Stained Path

Moving forward, stained by the earth itself. That’s what diligent progress is.

Ryusui Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Ch. 161 – Craft Wars

Dr. Xeno and his people think that by killing Seknu, they’ve removed the scientific threat. Which means they could show up at any time and demand our surrender.


Dr. Stone Ch. 160 – Torch Of Science

They’re thinking, “With Senku the science leader gone those kids can never hope to match us in battle”.