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Chrome Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Ch. 133 – Flash of Destruction

It’s up to you now Senku. The only one who can crack the Medusa is you, Senku! You and your scientific mind!

Hyoga Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Ch. 132 – The Strongest Weapon Is

I found the ultimate strongest weapon. Medusa is mine!

Dr. Stone Ch. 131 – Nasty Crimes

The entire island? It’s never been done. And that’s definitely crossing the line. So, Minister Ibara is this really the Master’s will?

Hyoga Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Ch. 130 – Devil’s Choice

I can join you, Senku and take over the Kingdom of Science or join Moz and his people and destroy the Kingdom of Science, the power to decide rests squarely in my hands.

Dr. Stone Ch. 77 – The Power Of Science

Yech gross. So we just need to mix in this poop from snakes or lizards or whatever?

Dr. Stone Ch. 75 – Countdown

The fate of humanity is riding on this Butzkrieg! Since we can’t afford any casualties our time limit’s just 20 seconds!

Dr. Stone Ch. 64 – Hotline

At the very least, dear Tsukasa has already revived 32 others. This is a bit faster than I anticipated.

Dr. Stone Ch. 63 – Information Warfare

This race is like two games of tag. Chrome and gang are hauling the phone. Homura’s after them and we’re after Homura.

Black Clover Logo

Black Clover Ch. 325 – A Dark Starry Night

As it stands, Yami and Asta are the only ones who can defeat Lucifero.

Black Clover Logo

Black Clover Ch. 319 – Great Magic Knights VS. King Of Devils

This high gravity! We’re captain-class magic knights and even we couldn’t fight without the support of Rill’s spell.