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Vinland Saga Ch. 158 – War in the Baltic XXXIV

It’s not often that you’re involved in a lengthy bout like that. How did you feel out there today?

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Vinland Saga Ch. 157 – War in the Baltic XXXIII

The south gate’s been breached! The fighting’s still continuing at the west gate! No south!

Armin Arlert Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Ep. 137 – Titans

She gave birth to an undying body. And then she escaped to a world that was free…of even death. That girl was Ymir, the founder…

Reiner Braun Eldian

Attack on Titan Ep. 95 – Liar

But is the king of the walls really not going to use the Founding Titan even if the walls are destroyed? Why would you bring that up now, Bertolt? Believe in Marley’s research!

Attack on Titan Ep. 93 – The Midnight Train

“Human intelligence has at last reached a point where it is able to crush Marley’s armour into dust.” That’s how all the other counties are reporting it, extolling the mid-east allied forces.

Grisha Yeager AOT

Attack on Titan Ep. 89 – Meeting

In exchange for the loss of many heroes, including Erwin Smith, we, The Survey Corps…were able to successfully retake Wall Maria, defeat the Colossus Titan, and take its power.

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Attack on Titan Ep. 66 – Wish

You’ve got no guts, Historia. Hurry up and transform…into the ruler of this world…

Eren Screams

Attack on Titan Ep. 50 – Scream

Eren… not matter how nasty or hateful your opponents might be that doesn’t mean it’s alright to just go charging in at them!

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Attack on Titan Ep. 49 – Charge

The fate of mankind’s existence will be decided by this moment! Without Eren, the future where mankind can inhabit this earth will never come!