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Dr Stone Ch. 169

Dr. Stone Ch. 169 – Risk Or Heart

Until they bring back Dr. Xeno…Corn City will be a sanctuary where we’ll revive one million people!

Dr Stone Ch. 166

Dr. Stone Ch. 166 – Ultimate Knight

If I were you, I wouldn’t try anything crazy! But I’m more than happy to go crazy.

Ryusui Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Ch. 164 – Re-Lock On

You have my gratitude Stanley! If you hadn’t backed me into a corner I would’ve gone my whole life without attempting this death defying midair trick!


Dr. Stone Ch. 160 – Torch Of Science

They’re thinking, “With Senku the science leader gone those kids can never hope to match us in battle”.

Dr. Stone Ch. 155 – Science Is Elegant

We’ll extract intel outta Xeno and his people. Cuz in a science battle, the greatest weapon is information!

Dr. Stone Ch. 153 – War Game

Neither side can move its base of operations. Neither side can flee. It’s a science siege that could turn into a…

Dr Stone Ch 150 Cover

Dr. Stone Ch. 150 – Righteous Science User

So there’s another science user just like Senku, on the other side of the world? Someone who revived on their own?!

Dr. Stone Ch. 148 – Pioneers of Earth

Since we arrived on the west coast, it had to be northern California. Enter San Francisco Bay and follow the Sacramento River towards what used to be Sacramento

Dr Stone Ch. 147

Dr. Stone Ch. 147 – Science Journey

With shockingly advanced navigational skills the Vikings reached North America 500 years before Columbus!

Dr. Stone Ch. 146 – Bar Francois: Bitters

He believed that humanity was not destined to fall to the wickedness of the foul petrification weapons.