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Black Clover Ch. 353 – Banquet In Full Swing

You knew Asta was the one who would defeat the dragon and clear the sky.

Asta vs. Sister Lily

Black Clover Ch. 350 – The Holy Woman’s Confession

I helped Lucius I awakened the five-headed dragon…I’ve brought down misfortune on everyone.

Ichika Yami Black Clover

Black Clover Ch. 346 – Five Zetten

Lord Ryuya believes in us, so the Ryuzen Seven will never yield!

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Black Clover Ch. 345 – Unprepared

Unlike you there’s nothing that my blade can’t cut! I can cut everything I see…no matter what!

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Black Clover Ch. 340 – An Opening

You call that getting serious? This may be training, but it’s real combat. If you don’t take it seriously, I’m telling you, you’ll die.

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Black Clover Ch. 339 – Zetten

Ki is the flow of life energy. Everybody manipulates it unconsciously, turnin’ it into Yoryoku.

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Black Clover Ch. 338 – Trouble On A Foreign Road

If ya wanna get stronger, have the Ryuzen Seven train ya!