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Bleach Ch. 664 – The Gift

If you want something created that nobody’s ever seen before, it should be by your own hand. That’s how scientists are.

Bleach Ch. 663 – God Of Thunder IV

Why?! I should be immune to her spiritual pressure already! There’s no way a Soul Reaper’s spirtual pressure can change! What is going on?!

Bleach Ch. 662 – God Of Thunder III

Phew…Can’t believe I didn’t have to move a step to survive all that. I feel it. I feel myself moving farther away from death.

Bleach Ch. 658 – Fatal Matters Are Cold

You don’t get it, do you? You did that to me already. I’ve acquired immunity to it.

Bleach Ch. 657 – God Of Thunder II

So you’ve recovered enough to get up. That sure was fast. You heard us right? Go on ahead. I’ll catch up.

Bleach Ch. 656 – God of Thunder

Sorry. You seem like an interesting guy but unfortunately we’re in a rush. You will let us pass.

Bleach Ch. 629 – Gate of the Sun

Closing the gate, then reopening it after tilting the axis makes it so easy to go off by yourself even within Reiokyu.They must be flustered, realizing I’m missing right about now…

Bleach Ch. 628 – New World Orders

This castle has become what will be the foundation for a new world. The one and only…the true world.

Bleach Ch. 627 – The Creation

I don’t know who you are, but let me tell you this! We’re about to go into a desperate battle! But you’re gonna just stay here?!

Bleach Ch. 626 – The Holy Newborn

We’ll ascend all the way to Reiokyu and mount a surprise attack.