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Bleach No Breathes From Hell

Bleach Ch. 687 – No Breathes From Hell

It’s futile…even if you squash that bug, I’ve deployed others that will take its place…

Bleach Ch. 685

Bleach Ch. 685 – The End of Flawlessness

Well the fact that he hasn’t had to use it for ten years is a good thing. It means that for ten years we’ve maintained peace.

Kenpachi Bleach

Bleach Ch. 669 – Blade II

A rapid rise in spiritual pressure suggested a Bankai, yet I see no significant change. What a letdown!

Kenpachi Bleach

Bleach Ch. 667 – Bigger, Louder, Stronger

Can’t believe I couldn’t cut it. A tough shield and a tough body huh? Makes me wanna cut ’em even more.

Bleach Ch. 644 – Baby, Hold Your Hand VII (Never Ending My Dream)

What’s this? I though squad eleven fled. You people are stupid beyond imagination. Then again I commend you for not interfering with the battle.

Bleach Ch. 639 – Baby, Hold Your Hand II

Not only does Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo Squash its enemy with his massive size…he scatters a deadly poison within a 100 Ken radius!

Bleach Ch. 638 – Seething Malice The Height Of Absurdity

My you can run nerves through inorganic matter? Unexpected. I like it.

Bleach Ch. 637 – Baby, Hold Your Hand

My oh my. You helped me identify not only the enemy’s ability, but an area of Ashisogi Jizo that needs improving. I have nothing but gratitude for you.

Bleach Ch. 636 – Sensitive Monster

It was a wise decision to promptly rip off your arm. Impressive, Captain Zaraki.If you hadn’t made that snap judgment, by now your entire body would’ve been a tendony, tasteless cheap meatball.

Bleach Ch. 629 – Gate of the Sun

Closing the gate, then reopening it after tilting the axis makes it so easy to go off by yourself even within Reiokyu.They must be flustered, realizing I’m missing right about now…