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Rukia and Renji Bleach

Bleach Ch. 673 – Father

Aren’t you going to draw your sword? That leaves you awfully vulnerable is what I would like to say. But it seems you are not exactly vulnerable.

Kenpachi Bleach

Bleach Ch. 667 – Bigger, Louder, Stronger

Can’t believe I couldn’t cut it. A tough shield and a tough body huh? Makes me wanna cut ’em even more.

Bleach Ch. 664 – The Gift

If you want something created that nobody’s ever seen before, it should be by your own hand. That’s how scientists are.

Bleach Ch. 654 – Deadman Standing

You birds sure do chirp a lot. It’s annoying and it makes this new hole ache.

Bleach Ch. 652 – The Theatre Suicide Scene VI

Everybody passes leaving their most precious possessions to me. Don’t they know I’m not comfortable with responsibilty?

Bleach Ch. 651 – The Theatre Suicide Scene V

Just as my mother made the decision to rid herself of the curse, I’m also making the decision to live with it.

Bleach Ch 650 – The Theatre Suicide Scene IV

Your weapon could not kill me. Not even severing my head with your spiritual pressure could kill me. Those who are sinful lose all hope when they behold me.

Bleach Ch. 649 – The Theatre Suicide Scene III

No matter how many times I flap my wings the surface keeps getting farther away from me.

Bleach Ch. 648 – The Theatre Suicide Scene II

We don’t have information on your Bankai but there is one thing that is obvious. If the wielder of the sword dies, his Bankdai disappears.