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Black Clover Ch. 337 – Whereabouts

There’s no way Asta’s dead! Then it’s unanimous. Let’s go find that moron.

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Black Clover Ch. 323 – Partner

You’re gonna keep living and help enough people for Morgan too.

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Black Clover Ch. 317 – Change

Why are you all taking it easy? The sooner you get out of here, the better.

Asta - Black Clover

Black Bulls Ch. 315 – Ultra Giant Showdown

It’s going to be alright! Isn’t that right Asta?!

Vanica Dark Triad

Black Clover Ch. 294 – As Promised

Even if I limit her curse-warding magic with my blue roses, her blood magic is strong all by itself!

Black Clover Ch. 292 – Knowing

Even if it put you on your knees, you struggled and continued to fight… you kept the smoldering fire burning and kept preparing, right up till today!

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Black Clover Ch. 291 – A Duel With A Distant Inferior

You heard him. There’s nothing you can do. We’re here to trash you people and rescue Captain Yami.

Black Clover Ch. 183 – The Raging Bull Joins the Showdown!

Wah ha ha ha! Thats just nuts! Well, tall-and-scrawny?! How dya like my brigade members?!
I want to slash em up!