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Bleach Ch. 626 – The Holy Newborn

We’ll ascend all the way to Reiokyu and mount a surprise attack.

Armin Arlert Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Ep. 137 – Titans

She gave birth to an undying body. And then she escaped to a world that was free…of even death. That girl was Ymir, the founder…

Falco Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Ep. 136 – Devote Your Hearts

But?! But what?! If Falco hadn’t miraculously started flying, we would have all died back there! Yeah. and got nothing done, either.

The Survey Corps AOT

Attack on Titan Ep. 135 – Battle of Heaven and Earth

Someone who can’t throw anything away, will never be able to change anything. I know…we can’t change anything without a sacrifice. Then, I have to throw away my sweet hopes…

Black Clover Ch. 282 – Black Guardian

Ah…oh no… the devil with the demon…have come to destroy this country!!!

Eren Founding Attack Titan

Attack on Titan Ep. 134 – In the Depths of Despair

I hope to end this era of hate…the ships are in formation! We will immediately start the attack! And start and era of peace…

Armin Eren Mikasa Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Ep. 133 – Sinners

The memory I recall the best…is flying above the clouds and I can do that too…I feel it deep within me.

Attack on Titan symbol

Attack on Titan Ep. 132 – Wings of Freedom

The Colossals have already rumbled most of the Marleyan continent. Then…what should I do? What should I do from now on?! It’s only us left!