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Trunks Dragonball

Dragon Ball Super Ch. 88 – Super Heroes Are Born

They found a whole heap of the missing bots in the old place up on Mt. Butterfly, it seems like someone had smashed them to bits.

Goku Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Super Ch. 87 – The Universe’s Strongest Appears

While you two were having fun on this puny planet I managed to surpass you.

Goku and Vegeta Potara Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Super Ch. 85 – To Each His Own Answer

For that Ultra Instinct to work, I need my heart to be calm and tranquil. But in this form, I can put my emotions to work for me.

Goku Dragon Ball

Dragonball Super Ch. 84 – A People’s Pride

I feel like I finally understand what Saiyan pride is about.

Granolah Dragon Ball Super

Dragonball Super Ch. 83 – Bardock vs. Gas, Part II

Selfish wishes can only bring about doom and I was about to make a grave mistake.

Goku vs Gas

Dragon Ball Super Ch. 82 – Bardock VS. Gas

Don’t be stupid. You two could never beat that Saiyan.

yGoku Silver Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Ch. 81 – Goku’s Conflict

Didn’t anyone teach you not to throw punches at your employer? That’s just bad manners.

Granolah Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Ch. 80 – Granolah, Part II

It’s fine. The universe’s strongest warrior should have greater control over his own power than any other.

Goku Vegeta Granola Heeters

Dragon Ball Super Ch. 79 – Gas vs Granolah

I never thought taking you down would actually be that easy. Well, go on. What can the universe’s strongest muster? I’ve still got plenty of fight left in me.