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Vinland Saga is a well loved manga that follows Thorfinn, a young Viking boy as the protagonist of this series. He is the son of a highly respected and peaceful by the name of Thors, who happens to be a legendary warrior. He is in fact, one of the greatest Viking warriors of his age. The happiness that was Thorfinn’s life comes to an abrupt end when his father Thors is killed in battle by an honourless mercenary leader named Askeladd. This act of merciless violence sets Thorfinn down a bloody path as he swears to take his revenge. Thorfinn becomes a member of Askeladd’s band in order get close enough to challenge him and kill him in a duel. This turn of events winds up being the catalyst for Thornfinn getting caught knee-deep in a bloody war for the golden crown of England.

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Vinland Saga Book 14

The Norsemen are facing their harvest time. Will their lifestyle become the bane of the their existence, or will their teraforming of the land prove to be an asset to them, and the natives who have stewarded the land for all of these years?

Ch 192. Vinland Saga Ch. 192 – Thousand Year Voyage Year I

Ch 191. Vinland Saga Ch. 191 – The Day

Ch 190. Vinland Saga Ch. 190 – Talking About Ragnarok

Ch 189. Vinland Saga Ch. 189 – Misqe’g Pi’Gw’s Ritual

Vinland Saga Ch 185 Cover

Vinland Saga Book 13

The Norsemen are finally on their voyage to Vinland. The land of prosperity and a hope for a new future. With Eyvar breaking the rules and carrying a weapon on board, will war arise, or will Thorfinn find a way to maintain his hard earned peace. And what of the Indigenous people of the land? Will they be welcomed, or will they be attacked, and if so will Eyvar’s warrior mentality save them?

After all of this time Hild is still waiting for Thorfinn to mess up to put an arrow through his heart. Will this expedition be just the trigger that she needs to finally be rid of him?

Ch 188. Hild and the God of the Forest

Ch 187. Nisquaji’j’s Expedition

Ch 186. Cordelia’s Agony

Ch 185. Nisqauji’j’s Dream

Ch 184. Lnu

Ch 183. The Indigenous People

Ch 182. The Scariest Man

Ch 181. The Name of the Village

Ch 180. Sailing West Part XIV

Ch 179. Sailing West Part XIII

Ch 178. Sailing West Part XII

Ch 177. Sailing West Part XI

Ch 176.5. Bonus Chapter

Ch 176. Sailing West Part X

Vinland Saga Book 12

After Sigurd’s failure to retrieve his runaway bride and to represent his house with true authority overseas, he has finally returned home. Will the wrath of his father be too much for him to bear or he will finally find the power within him to overcome the ferocity of the great Halfdan? And what of Thorfinn? Will he find his way back home anytime soon? Will the people who have become his family continue to follow him along his life’s journey?

Ch 175. Sailing for the West IX

Ch 174. Sailing for the West VIII

Ch 173. Sailing for the West VII

Ch 172. Sailing for the West VI

Ch 171. Sailing for the West V

Ch 170. Sailing for the West IV

Ch 169. Sailing for the West III

Ch 168. Sailing for the West II

Ch 167. Sailing for the West I

Ch 166. Wedding

Ch 165. The Parting of Sigurd

Ch 164. Sigurd Defiant

Ch 163. Sig and Hatt

Ch 162. Sigurd’s Return

Ch 161. Sigurd’s Decision

Vinland Saga Book 11

Vinland Saga Book 11

The Jomsvikings are a fierce bunch who insist upon having Thorfinn join them. There are things about Thorfinn that he has yet to discover about himself, things that could change his life drastically, the lives of those around him. Will Thorfinn return to the world of blood, rage and war, and world that he has foresaken? Is that the only path now left to him? Whatever will he do?

Ch 160. War in the Baltic XXXVI

Ch 159. War in the Baltic XXXV

Ch 158. War in the Baltic XXXIV

Ch 157. War in the Baltic XXXIII

Ch 156. War in the Baltic XXXII

Ch 155. War in the Baltic XXXI

Ch 154. War in the Baltic XXX

Ch 153. War in the Baltic XXIX

Ch 152. War in the Baltic XXVIII

Ch 151. War in the Baltic XXVII

Ch 150. War in the Baltic XXVI

Ch 149. War in the Baltic XXV

Ch 148. War in the Baltic XXIV

Ch 147. War in the Baltic XXIII

Ch 146. War in the Baltic XXII

Ch 145. War in the Baltic XXI

Vinland Saga Chapter Ten Cover

Vinland Saga Book 10

There’s a new warrior in town by the name of Garm. No one knows where he comes from, but all he seems to want is to engage in war. Will Thorkell finally meet his meet his match? Will Thofinn be able to keep his vow of non-killing when faced with such a vicious and sly opponent? And what of the Jomsvikings? They are making tacitcal moves that could change the course of Thorfinn’s life. Will he ever be able to find lasting peace with his borrowed life?

Ch 144. War in the Baltic XX

Ch 143. War in the Baltic XIX

Ch 142. War in the Baltic XVIII

Ch 141. War in the Baltic XVII

Ch 140. War in the Baltic XVI

Ch 139. War in the Baltic XV

Ch 138. War in the Baltic XIV

Ch 137. War in the Baltic XIII

Ch 136.5. Side Story

Ch 136. War in the Baltic XII

Ch 135. War in the Baltic XI

Ch 134. War in the Baltic X

Ch 133. War in the Baltic IX

Ch 132. War in the Baltic VIII

Ch 131. War in the Baltic VII

Ch 130. War in the Baltic VI

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